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February 2015 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:33.

22 members in attendance.

Motion to accept last month’s minutes passed, Sam (NV1P) first, Dee (N1ZD) second.

Old Business:

Winter Field Day went really well. We made 120 contacts, lots of people showed up. The food was great and the equipment worked well.

Service Event Announcement:

ConJamm 2015 is an event that’s being put together by Douglas, WA1SFH, that is going to help expose between 2,000 and 3,000 young scouts to amateur radio. There will be 6 activity booths for groups of Boy Scouts to visit and learn different things about radio direction finding, APRS, radiograms, and more. Hugo, AA1XV, is running the booth to get Scouts to send and receive their names in morse code. A few keys and practice oscillators are needed. We need lots of volunteers! Even if you can’t make it we still need loaner equipment. Go get your one service event a year out of the way. This event will be located in Orange at High Plains Community Center on May 16th.

On the same day is the tree festival, where we provide logistical support at Cranbury Park. This tree festival is organized by the Norwalk Tree Alliance, and is a family-oriented day of entertainment and education, dedicated to advancing the place which trees occupy in the vitality of the ecology. More than 40 exhibitors come from CT and southern NY for this free event. Food is included. If you can’t make it to Orange for ConnJamm this is another way to give back to the community.

Contact Sam as soon as possible to sign up for one or the other.

Committee reports:

Curt – Technical Committee
We need to get a few things straightened out and put together in the radio room, such as redoing the entire patch panel and working on VHF/UHF side. We’re not ready to do check-outs yet but will be open this Saturday from 9-12, come get on the air and have some coffee and doughnuts.

DMR is going quite well, coverage is excellent, lots of new people using our DMR repeater.

Jim, KC1FB – Expense report

Doing very well on finances. More than half the members in attendance have already renewed membership. Please send yours in if you haven’t yet. The deadline is March 1st.


Steve K1RF gives SDR presentation. If you’d like to read it or follow the links he mentioned, it will be posted on the GNARC website.

Meeting adjourned at 9:32.

Good turnout for first Saturday open house

Over a dozen members turned out to operate, talk radio and generally have a good time! Dan made a lot of CW contacts on 15m, several people brought their DMR radios to talk about programming, a new member needed some help with his Yaesu 7900,  and a couple of dead HF radios were brought in for others to help fix.

Coffee and bagels were on hand as well. A great radio morning.


SDR for Amateur Radio – by Steve K1RF

Here is the presentation given by Steve, K1RF at the February 11, 2015 GNARC meeting.

Software Defined Radio SDR for Amateur Radio 2015-02-11

2015 Winter Field day a fun event

Many hams turned out for the first operating event at the GNARC communications center.

Winter field day contacts were made to over 30 states and 36 sections. 20m and 40m were the bands we used. Much food was consumed, and a good time was had by all. Several new members visited the facility for the first time, and got to see it in action. Other hams brought kids to show them a little about the hobby.

Thanks to Sam NV1P for getting this going! See a few pictures below.


January 2015 Meeting Minutes

Numbers of members in attendance: 19
Meeting called to order at: 7:40

Tim Walker was given full Lifetime Membership, with all the privileges thereof. A memorial plaque presented to him by the club at large. Congratulations, Tim!

New members – Art Greenspan, General class, N1ARG. Greg & Jan Miller, KC1CRT, KC1CRU respectively. Welcome!

November minutes accepted.

Need to create a standing committee for Technical Committee, vote to create committee passed. Curt Seaton, W1FSM, made committee chair.


Toy declared all seats vacant. No further nominations were from the floor. As only one person was running for each position a single vote was taken for the whole slate. 19 for, 0 against, 0 abstain. NV1P as President, N1LLL as VP, KB1VWJ as Secretary, KC1FB as Treasurer. 8:04 PM

New Business:

We would love your involvement with the new comms center, whether that’s painting, getting new furnishings, cleaning the place up, spearheading social gatherings or radio related fun. We welcome your ideas any way you can get them to us.

Some preliminary ideas pitched from the attending membership:

Talk to Michelle about donating old clothes, canned goods, etc, to fire victims (since we’re in the old fire station) via Roberta, KB1YOZ.

Scouting outreach via Dave Hayden, W1DVE.

Contesting/DX – getting the club operating during contesting via Dan, N1ZZ.

Why are we here? What does this club mean to you? Something to think about. What do you want to get out of it now that we have a place to meet?

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