On Thursday, August 7th, over 50 members & friends of the Greater Norwalk Amateur Radio Club took the time to enjoy themselves at a picnic hosted by one of their members, Paul Lourd WB2JVB, at his house in Wilton. The picnic was held in lieu of the regular monthly meeting.

Two VIP’s graced the party with their presence, namely ARRL CT Section Manager Betsey Doane K1EIC, & CT State Representative Gail Lavielle R-143.

Charles, N1LLL, had his “go kit” HF radio hooked up to Paul’s Buddipole dipole on 17 meters and some DX was heard.

All in attendance enjoyed great conversation, & were treated to fantastic food, magnificently prepared by Chef Mark KB1JGL, assisted by Toy K1WYQ. The entertainment included many being captivated by a remote controlled “Quadcopter”.  And no party (or meeting) would be complete without Toy holding a raffle as only he can!!

The sale of the items below is being handled by Andrew, the deceased ham’s son-in-law.

He will be available to show the equipment from 8/20 through Labor Day weekend.

He can be reached at (262) 365-4305.

Equipment and asking prices are as follows.

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GNARC members were invited to see the new communications center and have pizza. Volunteers were organized for upcoming cleaning, painting, radio room build out and tower construction! Lots of work to do, but the end result will be a great club space. Some photos are attached.

  • Meeting called to order by President Sam NV1P at 8:07pm
  • Special raffle held by Toy K1WYQ before start of the meeting
  • New members: none
  • V.P.: no report
  • Trustee: no report
  • Upgrades: none
  • Old Business: none

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As I’m sure everyone has heard we’ve managed to get an official GNARC communications center, and I’m sure everyone is excited to see it. We’re going to have an open house on Wednesday, August 6th.

It’s going to be paid members only, so if you want to check the place out and haven’t paid dues now would be a good time to renew or join. Doors will open at 7, and pizza will be waiting for you. PLEASE RSVP to this email if you plan on coming.

Address is 100 Fairfield Ave, Norwalk. Almost directly across I-95 from Fire HQ. Caution some bridges are under construction. Use Cedar or Stuart to cross over. Map here

Sam NV1P

Thanks to the City of Norwalk, Fire Marshal Chris Hansen, WO1T, and Fire Chief Denis McCarthy- GNARC has a new home.

We now have an official Club Station/Clubhouse located at the Norwalk Fire Dept. Maintenance facility.

Currently the front of the facility is vacant, and we will need to gather our resources together to make this a professional and functional club station and Emergency Operations Center. I am looking for volunteers who are interested in putting in many hours of effort to construct the station, erect the tower and antenna(s), assemble furniture and more. We may also need donations, as well as help moving items from various locations.

This is a very exciting opportunity for GNARC and the membership- and I am looking forward to getting on the air from this excellent location.

More updates to follow as things develop. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly (email address is on the member directory page).


Charles G. Lelievre, N1LLL

Meeting called to order by President Sam NV1P at 8:04pm.
-Charles N1LLL played a public service announcement promoting GNARC Field Day. It was recorded by one of the DJ’s at the radio station.
-New members/guests: Ed Whitley KC1BWE, Greg Smith KC1BWT Read More →